Les' first art show - painting is at the entrance to the show! (2).jpg

Leslie Muir

Leslie Muir is a painter based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her art ranges from large-scale abstract expressionist works to smaller impressionistic pieces. She utilizes a variety of fluid mediums and wields a hodgepodge of tools, from mammoth paintbrushes to palette knives to honeydrippers. Though Leslie is inspired by many painters, both bygone and contemporary, her late artist mother is her main influence and ever-present muse.

Leslie prefers to start a painting without any preconceived plans, and tends to work fast and spontaneously. Sometimes her freewheeling approach works and sometimes it doesn't, so her paintings will often have several scrapped attempts underneath. Fortunately, these buried compositions tend to add under-effects of color and texture that enhance what ultimately evolves into the final piece.

Her studio is a Pollock-like abstract in itself, with floor, walls (even the ceiling!) mottled with multicolored splatters, spills and dribbles. There is always a constant stream of music playing, ranging from alternative to Southern rock to blues to disco, and the volume is frequently cranked to 11. Her two dogs, Olive and Izzy, plod in and out at their leisure, often ending up with an accidental smear of color on a nose or a tail.